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Phantom Chords on MP3

Hey you guys! Guess what I did?
You know that first "album" of Dave and The Phantom Chords that they sold when they did that first tour years and years ago? Well, I bought a tape and recently it broke.
BUT... i've painstakenly fixed the broken tape and recorded the songs onto MP3 so all can share in the love!
These songs have NOT been released anywhere else but this tape. Now since i cant email them to anyone (too big) and i dont have enough webspace to put them up - I can only use one of those file sharing thingys. Sooooo.... go look it up on Limewire under "The Phantom Chords" and you can pull em off there -
Dave's voice is absolutely Vellllvet on this tape
Let me know if you can or cannot get them - I'll try to leave Limewire (gnutella network) up for a couple of days...

Here's the song listing:
Someone Up There
Born to be Wicked
Gunning for Love
Pretty Girl
Haunted Garage
Johnny Remember Me
After the Lights Go Out
Piece of my Heart
King of Fools
Time After Time
The Loveless and The Damned
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