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vanilicious's Journal

dave loves.
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for the Vanian lover in all of us. because he is nice to look at.

maintained by ilovecupcakes and bird, who frankly have too much time on their hands.

oh yes, and we are shallow. so don't bother informing us.

Guidelines for a Pleasant Community:

♥ we are fans of The Damned obviously, or we would not be here. therefore there is no reason to tell us we are not fans, because we will just laugh at you anyway. it's not our fault we can appreciate a band musically, and for a hot piece of ass too.
♥ do not point out Dave is married. we know he is married. god cursed us that day, even if it was to the lovely Miss Patricia. we have a sense of humour about her as well. WE LOVE PATRICIA, she is a beautiful, nice and talented woman. that is all we are going to say on this subject, now get the fuck over it.
♥ try to stay on topic. Damned topics of all types are welcome, of course, but this is a community about Dave Vanian, so the more posts have to do with him, the better. if it is more Damned related, there is damnedneatnoise, which is run by zelley and the lovely d00mwolf. a lot of us are members there too.
for that matter, Damned Nonsense is fantastic and filled with amazingly sweet people that will help you with all Damned related issues.
♥ the point of this community is to meet like-minded people, say how you feel, and show each other respect. if you have any issues with that, you will be removed. the moderators of this community monitor it very closely, and being we are both bitches, we don't brook any shit. be nice to each other. you will be warned once, after that, removed.

none of these points should be that surprising, and if you have any questions, we can be reached at HouseOfVanian@ yahoo.com. we are very nice if you are nice too.

if you know what's good for you go to onewaylove.com because it actually gets updated, unlike house of vanian. and its pretty.