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Captain on tour with The Damned! 
07:37am 15/11/2005

Captain has been keeping a tour diary for you all!

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I know you all love dave, but ..... 
11:55am 07/08/2005
  Please join the new Captain Senbsible LJ community!

There will be lots of rare pix and mp3's, with Captain's permission :)

And as there will be Damned pictures posted there, there will be Dave pix too of course!

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Scanned pic! 
07:25pm 21/05/2005
  I have finally got a scanner so I will scan all my vanian pix as soon as I find them.
(moved house 6 months ago and lots of stuff is still in boxes!)
This one was taken at Holidays in the Sun in blackpool 1996.
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Two things... 
11:27am 13/03/2005
  So the official website is saying that the Damned are going to start working on a new album! Woot for that! Who wants to take bets on what the album cover will look like?!?

And also, I was thinking of getting a tattoo in honour of our favorite band. Does anyone have any pictures of Damned or Dave Vanian related tattoos that they'd like to share with the group?

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Here you are chums. 
11:20am 17/02/2005

The resemblence is uncanny!


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Hoorah!! and 'allo! 
07:56pm 31/12/2004
mood: blank
Said Captain! Said wot? Said Captain! Said wotcha want?
Captain Sensible

Which Damned member are you?
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05:11pm 03/12/2004
  You're Dave Vanian! HahahahahahahaSTOPLAUGHING
Dave Vanian

Which Damned member are you?
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04:11pm 11/11/2004
mood: excited
one of my fave dave shots:

dunno if you lot have seen this one before :

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1980 Allied Propaganda Vanian Interview 
11:06am 20/10/2004

Girls! What's going on? Where have you two (ilovecupcakes and bird) been lately! Miss your usual updates here on Vanilicious! I'm guessing life has gotten you busy lately just like it has me.

Anyway... this is for all to enjoy:

I posted an interview with Dave up on onewaylove that I'm guessing you all would like to read (it's the first post in the onewaylove updates section in the middle)

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06:51am 12/01/2004
  a very merry... 46TH YEAR to mr. vanian. eek.

i for one will be applying extra eyeliner in his honor.


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DAMNED hot rods album 
09:55am 14/09/2004
  I am selling the damned album with hotrod pic on the back, on ebay.
it used to belong to captain himself!
also some other damned things coming soon, and various other weird bits.
please have a look:

if this is not allowed in this group, please delete, and forgive me!

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from the official main page... 
12:18am 11/09/2004



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Waldorf Club, San Francisco 1979 
01:36pm 25/08/2004
mood: chipper
Hello again girls : )

Got more video up. Not the entire show because it's just too much for the server but three choice songs.

Go to http://www.onewaylove.com homepage to find the links to the video.

Hope you all enjoy!

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More Video 
03:44pm 23/08/2004
mood: amused
Hey Girlies : )

I've uploaded 23 new videos to onewaylove and had to rearrange a bit because of it... so if you're curious here are the new pages with more video :)

Video Clips - Live
Video Clips - Music Videos
Video Clips - Misc
Video Clips - Solo

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A devil in the woods... 
07:38pm 21/08/2004

Hoozy boozy! I made me a new icon! I made it from this picture!

Here are some other equally juicy pictorals of our favorite English vampire.

All above pictures taken from the fabulous Onewaylove.com

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10:14pm 19/08/2004
  any one seen dave's mustache lately?

i dont really care for it.
but he's still dave vanian, so it's FOXY no matter what. :)

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Vanian website? 
05:11pm 27/07/2004
mood: bored
Bird- when's ur DAVE site gonna be up and running???

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Phantom Chords on MP3 
03:13am 25/07/2004
  Hey you guys! Guess what I did?
You know that first "album" of Dave and The Phantom Chords that they sold when they did that first tour years and years ago? Well, I bought a tape and recently it broke.
BUT... i've painstakenly fixed the broken tape and recorded the songs onto MP3 so all can share in the love!
These songs have NOT been released anywhere else but this tape. Now since i cant email them to anyone (too big) and i dont have enough webspace to put them up - I can only use one of those file sharing thingys. Sooooo.... go look it up on Limewire under "The Phantom Chords" and you can pull em off there -
Dave's voice is absolutely Vellllvet on this tape
Let me know if you can or cannot get them - I'll try to leave Limewire (gnutella network) up for a couple of days...

Here's the song listing:
Someone Up There
Born to be Wicked
Gunning for Love
Pretty Girl
Haunted Garage
Johnny Remember Me
After the Lights Go Out
Piece of my Heart
King of Fools
Time After Time
The Loveless and The Damned

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one of your moderators is a tool, and her name is Bird. 
05:01pm 14/07/2004
mood: distressed
as to regards to the previous post, i would like to apologize to the people that were offended, as it was not about them. i have emailed you with the full story, and i am not going to recount it here because it didnt have anything to do with the other members, and i dont want to drag any more drama into this thing.

please know that i am sorry. it was a stupid joke by a friend that i am at my wit's end with, though i am briefly thinking of handing over the moderator's reins to someone else, as i caused all this stupid drama.


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pins ready. 
10:37pm 05/07/2004
  pins are done for l00py_l0rna, bloodcicle, beatnick138, topacio and ilovecupcakes.

all of the above, please email me your addresses at birdmadgrrl @aol.com so i can send them out. except Cuppy because i have your address.


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